Referral Rewards

Friends buying a new car.

The referral program at Carizma Auto group is a fantastic opportunity for you to make some cash! Simply connect us with them, and when they drive away in their new car, we’ll write you a cheque for $300-$500! We know you’re referring your loved ones to us, so we make sure to welcome them with open arms into the Carizma family because we love to help everyone! We will take care of every detail along the way and make it as effortless for both of you!

How do you get your reward?

Step 1: Connect us with them

Fill out our very quick and simple application to provide us your contact information and the person you’re referring to us. The best part is that when you fill out the form, it can be done simply within the comfort of your own home, and you can fill out the application with any device! We make it easy and simple to make it a great experience for everyone!

Step 2: Your referral gets a new car!

We make it a priority to ensure the person you refer to us completely taken care of and has a fantastic experience dealing with us! Firstly, we get your referral into the car that is the best fit for them as well as ensure to meet their budget and requests! Secondly, we are sure to answer any and all questions either of you may have along the way. All you have to do after you submit the application is sit back, relax, and let us do the work for you!

Step 3: Get your money!

The second your referral gets their new car, we will immediately write you a cheque for $300 to $500! There are no strings attached, there's no catch, and there are no conditions! Win-Win for both of you!

Buying a used vehicle the traditional way is stressful, outdated, time-consuming, and frustrating!

Carizma Auto Group makes it Fast, Easy, and Stress-free! We accept all applications and offer you access to the financing you need regardless of your credit!

No rejections! No wasted time!

We make it easy for everyone; because when you're happy, we're happy! That’s the Carizma way... Everyday!